I was a lurker…I HAVE changed…I am a creator… – Course 1 Final Project

I was a lurker…I HAVE changed…I am a creator… I have been reflecting on my journey through COETAIL. What have I achieved? What am I doing differently to what I used to in the classroom? What have I learnt that I have as yet have not had a chance to apply? Thinking about these questions I […]

Are we stoking the Digital Campfires?

Humans are naturally social animals.  Storytelling is one of the oldest arts known to man. It has been happening since cave men and women were drawing on walls. Humans are, therfore, natural storytellers. The digital campfire, isn’t this a great analogy for the platfoms used today to tell stories? Children today have many available audiences to tell a story. […]

Technology is NOT just a tool

  Technology is just a tool. What a great quote, by Bill Gates. I think technology can be driving force to change the education system.  Technology has helped the education system to move with the times. I love the picture below which clearly shows that technology has moved the education system forward, right? Wrong! You […]